About Us

Hull University Rugby League is one of the prestigious members of the universities athletics union, with two teams to accommodate varying levels of experiences.

From our 1st team playing in the highest leagues in the country, representing the university in the challenge cup on multiple occasions, playing against National Conference League sides and giving a performance. This team is accommodated to a serious player who is looking for a challenge.

Looking for a new challenge?

New to Rugby League? Our 2nd team are in a league suited to inexperience, providing a steady playing speed and quality. Less experienced or complete beginners will find this team very accommodating.

At heart we are a social team, playing a contact sport isn’t all that we provide. We off a strong social community highly regarded by players regardless of the individual rugby skills. Combined with opportunities to make connections with other teams within the AU.

We are a socially driven team first and foremost, providing a welcoming environment for students from different backgrounds. We offer a wide range of events throughout the academic year from weekly socials at THE PIPER, team meals out, BBQ’s and takeaways in being just some examples of what we can provide you.

Not interested in contact sports? We are more than welcome to members being strictly “social members”, providing friends without the commitments to the rugby lifestyle.

Interest in becoming a Hull Uni Ranger? Contact Us.