By Jack,

Freshers Round Up

A huge welcome to the freshers of the 2018/19 year of Rugby League!

With a strong enrolment of over 15 freshers signed up to the club, it is shaping up to be a good year ahead. Here are some honourable mentions in our recruitment this year.

Ben Bradshaw- Ben is one of our more experienced freshers, representing the England Under 19s squad in their most recent tour. A good carrier of the ball as well as strong aggressive defence. Great to get him on board.
Tom Jubb- The little brother of Old Boy and York star Will, Tom is just as good as his brother, representing the City of Hull academy in the Under 19s and now Reserve squad. A talented half back/ hooker, who can bend any runner in half if they run at him. Welcome Jubby!

Niall Sidney- Newcastle Thunder star Niall is another fresher with some quality experience. The full back/ winger burns everybody for pace and has a lethal step that makes ankles move in ways they shouldn’t.