Old Boys

Every year, we celebrate the club successes with former members of the club with our Old Boys Weekend.

A weekend of socialising and a Current vs Old Boys game, played in memory of cherished member, Tim Brook. You can find out more about Tim on his page.

The Weekend

Old Boys Weekend starts on the Friday night, where Old Boys are greeted by the current boys, where they meet the Committee for the year, as well as introduce themselves to club freshers. The club make their way through various pubs and bars, with Old Boys doing their very best to incapacitate the Current lads, prior to the big game the next day.

This is then followed by the most important part of the weekend, Game Day. First established in 2004, to mark the memory of Tim. This game is the biggest 80 minutes of the year, where hungover bodies try their best to take out other hungover bodies in what can be described as the roughest game of Rugby League any player will have played in. Bragging rights earned, and tackle techniques ridiculed. But it’s all fun in the end.

Then it’s time to scrub up in our finest, as it is time for the Old Boys Meal. More chances for alumni to meet up and recollect their memories of the good old days.

Once we have had our feast, we are then joined by a guest speaker, usually a legend of the game to talk about their career as well as answer as many testing questions the Old Boys can throw at them. From Keith Mason to Iestyn Harris, each speaker has been well received and embraced by the club.

Final part of the weekend is the Saturday night outing, which is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable nights of the year. Usually ending up at Piper, the entire club invades the Newland Avenue area and do what Hull University Rugby League do best.